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ELECTRIFYING... Lawrence does an excellent job of portraying, err, becoming Einstein. Watch him onstage for just five minutes, and you’d swear the scientist was back from the dead.”
— Patricia L. Garcia, Las Cruces Sun-Times

Albert in Wonderland:
A fantasia on Einstein

Written and performed by Jeremy Lawrence

The appearance of a woman claiming to be his daughter sends Einstein falling down a metaphorical man-hole. He time travels through his life revealing the personal chaos of a man who dreamed of finding a universal order which would prove that God does not play dice with the universe.

Commissioned and developed by State University of New Mexico, Las Cruces, where it premiered in 2005.

It was subsequently performed at:

The KAVLI Institute for Physics STAR Conference
Avalon Theatre, Easton
Colly Soleri Music Center at Arcosanti, Mayer, AZ