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“Intimate, illuminating, and surprisingly moving.”
— Time Out

“A thrilling reminder of the power and strength of cabaret at its best.”

“Knocked the wind out of me.”
— Q Life

“A perfect time for this kind of entertainment.”
— Jewish Standard

“Lawrence's superb performance in this bold production is simultaneously entertaining and chilling.”


English lyrics and additional material written and performed
by Jeremy Lawrence
Directed by Jason Jacobs
With Ariela Bohrod on the piano

It’s winter 1930 and Tante Fritzy, cabaret artiste extraordinaire invites you to have a ball in her gender-bender world. Never mind the rising popularity of the guy with the bad moustache. Come and celebrate Berlin’s edgiest cabaret music with her as she kicks the world on its ass.

The songs, originally written or performed by queer artists in Weimar era Berlin include the music of Lothar Brühne, Richard Fall, Friedrich Hollaender, Horst Platen, Rudolph Nelson, Ernst Sennhofer, and Mischa Spoliansky. The original German texts were written by Bruno Balz, Raimund Dannberg, Willy Hagen, Friedrich Hollaender, Fritz Löhner-Beda, Marcellus Schiffer, Kurt Schwabach, and Kurt Tucholsky.

The piece is based on an evening created by Alan Lareau for the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. in conjunction with the exhibition Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945.

The one-man show was originally produced by TOSOS (“The Other Side of Silence”) a theatre company dedicated to preserving the theatrical heritage of the LGBT community.

Password: cabaret


Video by Robert Brink / Photos by Bjorn Bolinder / Graphic design by Matthew Pritchard